Since 2011


"Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji Guru Of Mata Charan Kamal Kaur."

"Mata Charan Kamal Kaur."


It was the childhood dream of Charan Kamal Kaur to serve the Poor and the needy in a organised manner. The dream became a reality on 17th August 2011, when she founded the 'Kartar Aasra Trust.'. She listed all that she desired in the Objectives of the Registered Deed of the Trust.

First on the list was the formation of a Oldage Home, thus Kartar Aasra orphanage and Oldage home was formed.

A Building which housed a school was converted to a Oldage home for helpless destitute, who were invited to stay and were served over the years. The Ashram took proper shape and became a organized home for Senior Citizens and BPL children.

The journey from the formation of the NGO Trust upto the present has been one of struggles. Much remains to be done and the progress is slow due to lack of Donation funds.